The World’s Best Carpet Deodorizer!

The Professional Carpet Cleaners #1 Choice!

Consumes and destroys odors, including mold, mildew, pet urine, must, smoke, food, and more. So concentrated, an ounce per gallon of solution is more than enough for outstanding, long-lasting results!

Proliminator works on smoke-drenched rooms and car interiors, and it tackles other serious odors, such as cooking odors, must, pet odors, and more. Proliminator produces long-lasting results customers love.

Proliminator is a powerful deodorizer that works better, costs less, and smells great!

Safe for use on stain-resistant carpet.

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Proliminator Applications

Professional Carpet Cleaners #1 Choice!

Removes Smoke Odors with Ease!

Eliminates Mold & Mildew Odor!

#1 Choice for Urine & Pet Odor Removal

Proliminator Testimonials

Proliminator is our secret weapon for every job we do.  Our customers always ask about the amazing results.  The secent is fresh without being overbearing.  The best part is it lasts for weeks and always gets a great reponse from even our toughtest customers.  Thank You Proliminator!

Peter Sims

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